Six EVIL propagandists who promote chemical medicine so your children will get deathly sick and wind up in their offices

You may not want to believe there are evil doctors practicing allopathic medicine in the United States right now who want nothing more than to sicken your children so they can be further “treated” with the latest chemical warfare that literally exacerbates the health detriment. You also may not choose to believe that certain U.S. medical professionals are serving time in maximum security prisons right now for falsifying medical diagnostics and even dosing their patients with lethal amounts of chemotherapy – patients who did not even have cancer at all. Still, it doesn’t matter if you “believe it” or not, when these are cold hard facts that are well documented. If you believe right now that you are drugged up and suffering brain fog from fluoridated water, junk food and toxic prescription medications, you can seek help by having someone read aloud to you the following paragraphs.

Several evil medical “professionals” are still practicing pushing pills, slicing flesh and dosing humans with lethal chemicals, all while promoting falsified research and pushing propaganda that pads their pockets with your hard-earned money. If you are concerned about the following doctors and their cohorts, join the thousands of patients around the country who have begun tracking the most dangerous medical extremists who walk the earth. These medical cons and crooks are pretending to care about people, all while they invest in their own patients’ health demise and destruction. Beware of the following six medical extremists, and keep yourself and your children out of harm’s way.

#1. Dr. David H. Gorski ­– Psycho-blogger-cancer-surgeon, a.k.a. “Orac,” who slanders his own patients in his blogs right after he operates on their breasts

Got a question for Dr. “Orac?” You better not ask any questions at all, or he’ll “write you up” in his next blog, while you’re recovering from breast cancer surgery that you may not have even needed in the first place. Watch out… mad-doc Gorski has been reported to the FBI! Recently, the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, filed a detailed series of medical conspiracy allegations against Dr. David Gorski and the Karmanos Cancer Center, the same institution where convicted criminal and cancer fraudster Dr. Farid Fata committed large-scale fraud and was ultimately sentenced to 45 years in prison by the federal government. Here’s the full article link to see how these two sinister doctors are connected.

Who is “Orac” exactly? Gorski is a mentally ill science troll unfit to practice medicine. He routinely engages in deception, defamation and racketeering operations to discredit anyone who questions the effectiveness of vaccines, chemotherapy or pharmaceuticals. Mike Adams described him best saying that, “His pathological hatred and ‘internet terrorism’ style of bullying and muckraking made him notorious for being the loudest source of hate speech and intimidation ever carried out in the name of ‘science’ and ‘medicine.'”

#2. Dr. Richard Pan – Medical extremist repeatedly violates the AMA code of ethics and believes in forced vaccination at gunpoint

Here is a list of his offenses already committed:

• Took tens of thousands of dollars in campaign money from drug companies.
• Aggressively pushed California’s SB 277 radical vaccine mandate which eliminates vaccines exemptions and obliterates medical choice.
• Is a believer in “medical extremism” that invokes highly unethical, government-forced interventions that violate established medical ethics and fundamental human rights.
• Violates the American Medical Association’s Code of Medical Ethics which demands informed consent and a patient’s choice on all medical interventions.
• Blatantly lies about the issue of mercury in vaccines, falsely claiming mercury has been removed from all vaccines given to children.
• Falsely claims vaccines are completely safe, even when vaccines routinely cause brain damage, autism, comas, seizures and even death.
• Denies the children of California their right to a public education unless their parents surrender to the demands of the corrupt, criminally-run vaccine industry.
• Serves as a puppet of the pharmaceutical industry, an industry steeped in admitted felony crimes, bribery, price fixing, experimentation on humans and other large-scale crimes.

#3. Dr. Paul Offit – The freak who inserts deadly pig virus strains in a vaccine he patented for children who have mild diarrhea sickness

The insidious Offit has made millions off creating and patenting toxic jabs like the rotavirus “RotaTeq” vaccine, which contains a deadly pig virus (circavirus). Offit was even somehow able to finagle this poisonous inoculation into the CDC’s “schedule” of toxic immunizations for babies. It’s a double-dipping catastrophe: Offit makes a fortune (about $50 million so far) off his patented toxic jab that’s bought and paid for by taxpayers, and then he treats the maladies of his clients who get jabbed by his deadly pig virus and makes more money from that. It’s sick and twisted, but it’s happening right now. He’s also the most widely quoted poisoner and apologist for the vaccine industry today. Offit swears that any child in America could get 10,000 vaccines at once and be just fine. Please try that out on yourself Dr. Offit, the world would love to see it! Surely we would have one less medical extremist around to push toxins on our children.

#4. Dr. Steven Novella – The ultimate quack who ironically calls himself the “quackbuster”

Novella is a fraudster who pretends to work at Yale University, but who only rents a building on Yale University property so he can claim that all his staff doctors are “professors at Yale.” Novella himself specializes in testifying for insurance companies in order to screw people out of their honest claims, especially vaccine injury cases. Novella the quack also attempts to discredit all forms of alternative, herbal and complementary medicine by using pharma-industry-scripted propaganda and character assassinations. He labels anyone who challenges his quackery as cranks or skeptics. Novella is a fellow of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI), a group who’s main mission is to convince all Americans that everything synthetic and chemical-based is always safe to eat and inject 100 percent of the time, and that everything created in a lab by anyone is always safe and effective.

#5. Dr. Robert Santella – Psychotic serial-abortion doctor who declared on video that he “loves killing babies!”

The California Medical Board has used disciplinary measures to try to control the demonic abortion doctor who routinely botches abortion operations. Watch below as he’s caught on video in one of his demonic rants saying how much he loves aborting babies. This local hospital terminated its relationship with him after this video went viral.

#6. Pediatrician Jason Terk – the world’s #1 promoter of the highly toxic and deadly HPV (human papillomavirus) jab

The highly controversial HPV vaccine “Gardasil,” given to young girls and boys has been responsible for over thirty deaths from blood clots in the heart and lungs and more than 10,000 adverse events (anaphylactic shock, loss of muscle use, and seizures) being reported. A valid reason for giving children and teens the HPV vaccine has never been established, but that won’t stop vaccine apologist and medical extremist huckster Jason Terk from relentlessly pushing HPV propaganda. Several doctors have come clean and blown the whistle about the extreme dangers and overall ineffectiveness of the HPV vaccines.

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